Maybe you are considering improving your smile? Whether you decide to focus on improving the aesthetics such as the colour, position, shape, size, alignment or just the overall appearance. Cosmetic dentistry is something both our dentists here at East Preston and Ferring dental clinic are very passionate about. There are many different solutions to achieving different goals, we would be more than happy to discuss any queries with you 

Whitening could improve your smile by lightening the overall appearance. This can achieve some very good results. However in some cases, teeth can be too discoloured and may secure a better result by covering with a crown/veneer.

Or maybe you have gaps where you have had teeth removed in the past, and this bothers you. There are a number or solutions to this situation, from fixed options such as a bridge or an implant, to a removable option such as a denture. The dentist can help and advise you on different options you could take.

Chloe Collier, Dental Nurse.

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